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Coaching adapted for individuals
The objective of coaching is to allow you to develop your confidence and your motivation, to help you clarify your objectives and to build a suitable strategy to wait for them.


Coaching does not consist in simply giving you advice or bringing you ready-made solutions. The real goal is to allow you to find and build suitable and sustainable solutions using and optimizing your own resources.


The particularity of the TOP coaching method is to use different techniques (breathing, NLP, sport, mental preparation ....) to help you optimize your daily life, all supported by an educational approach that allows you to better understand how your brain works thanks to neuroscience cores adapted to your level., source


Some examples of situations where T O P coaching can help you


  • Managing stress on a daily basis or at work

  • Improve living environment through breathing or sport.

  • Professional reorientation

  • Carry out personal / professional projects.

  • Personal development, self-confidence and self-confidence.

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Rafael Gonzalez -
Inventor of the TOP method (Performance Optimization Techniques)

Coaching - Professional training - Sports training
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