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Performance Optimization Techniques

Rafael González's TOP method

The TOP-RG method: Performance Optimization Techniques by Rafael Gonzalez (not to be confused with the Potential Optimization Techniques Method) is a new original approach that combines fieldwork with contributions from Neurosciences, Conscious Emotional Activation Techniques , Combined Mental and Physical Preparation exercises, Breathing techniques, and Video Analysis.

A fine combination of high-performance techniques used in high-level sports training and the training of diving executives adapted to your sports, professional or personal activity.

My multiple experiences and my different areas of expertise have allowed me to develop a personal method in order to optimize performance or improve daily life whatever the field of activity.

Applied neuroscience
Conscious Emotional Activation Techniques
Combined mental & physical preparation
Respiratory Training
Video analysis

This new method combines 5 major areas of coaching and sports training to be 100% efficient.






It is not uncommon to see subjects having been trained and trained for competition, to cope with aggression, to manage a situation of conflict or crisis or even to wage war ... to lose the means and their ability to apply learned techniques effectively when faced with a real situation.

Indeed, when the human being is confronted with a dangerous situation, he automatically triggers and without realizing it, an incalculable number of nervous reactions.

These reactions are largely under the control of our Autonomous Nervous System (emotional system) and are the result of centuries of adaptation of our nervous system to a "primitive and wild" environment, these reactions are therefore unsuitable for the situations in which we are. faced in our current society.

The understanding of this nervous phenomenon as well as a specific training using adapted Respiratory training techniques, Mental & Physical Preparation and above all a specific training in the conscious management of physical and mental variables in a situation of Stress thanks to the Techniques of Personally developed Conscious Emotional Activation are essential for learning to control these emotional reactions and ensuring the proper transfer of techniques learned in previous modules into future real situations.

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