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Neurosciences simplified and adapted to your level and activity

Better understand our different brains and their interactions through theory and practice.

What if one of the keys to learning to manage stress was to have a deep understanding of how our nervous system works ... how we use our different senses ... our different brains ... our motor programs ...

Getting to know each other better, learning to accept the way we react to emotions ... it's just the first step in learning how sometimes it is just not possible to control our emotions, ultimately understanding how to train intelligently to try to prepare as well as possible to face stressful situations.

Neuroscience courses are suitable for any age, any school level and any activity .... I have developed and improved these courses over the years to adapt them to the public and I have had the opportunity to do them to children or young adolescents accompanied by their parents or trainers, but also to high-level athletes, elite army commandos, instructors, trainers or coaches from all fields and disciplines and without any doubt the theoretical contributions combined with the TAGEC is the most appreciated part and the one which offers the most concrete contributions to all those with whom I had the opportunity to work, to train myself or to collaborate.

These are interactive lessons coupled with situations to be experienced in the form of games or challenges to make the link between knowledge, personal experiences and the sensations experienced during these games.

Games that I baptized Techniques of Activation and Conscious Emotional Management and which will allow you to really understand the whole dimension of what we call emotions and the way in which they influence you in making decisions, in building and implementation of a driving action or simply in your daily life.

Better understand our nervous system, our way of learning, feeling, programming and reacting to situations.

The objective of the Neuroscience courses is to provide concrete elements on the functioning of our brain system and the role of each part in cognitive and motor learning, memorization or reaction to stressful situations, among others.


Understand why, despite years of training, we may find ourselves completely unable to apply learned and automated gestures or behaviors.

Understanding that automation is not enough to prepare someone to face competition .. in combat .. for a situation of strong emotional activation ..

Understand how to better train, prepare, how to optimize our training, our training, our interventions ...

Here is a small video example of how I approach Neuroscience. English subtitles

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Do you have a high-level project for you, your child, your athlete, your team ...?

Do you have a business and want to optimize your team's working environment through sport or mental preparation?

You simply have a personal project, a challenge?

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Do you have the status of self-employed, business manager, or employee and want to know how to finance your training through vocational training?

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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