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Conscious Emotional Activation Techniques  

The TAGEC: learning to awaken your emotions in order to better understand and channel them

This is the big question that all trainers, instructors and coaches ask themselves ... how to prepare our trainees, students, candidates ... to react in an adapted way to a stressful situation ...

Should we make them very strong physically or put him in stressful situations or even work on mental preparation techniques ..?

All three are valid and work but none can provide all the solutions, our emotional system is too complex for any method to claim to be able to assure us the result whatever the situation.

The Techniques of Activation and Conscious Emotional Management try to bring new ways of work and training and new answers to these questions.

Through these situations in the form of games and challenges, we can make the link between the theoretical contributions and the practice thanks to the sensations experienced and their analysis.


TAGECs allow for example to better understand the difference between an exercise, a challenge .. an objective ... and help us to better understand how to define the objectives well so that our brain interprets them correctly ...

To better understand and channel our emotions, nothing better than to learn to live them consciously

The objective of these techniques or experiments is to complete the contributions of neurosciences to further promote the understanding of the functioning of our brain and allow or improve the detection of the activation of our emotional brain by making live situations specially designed for the opportunity that take into account the peculiarities of our brain and activate our emotional, not in order to undergo these emotions nor to see if we are able to overcome them but rather to learn to accept them, to learn to listen to our body, her feelings, her emotions and from learning to put in place adapted strategies and tools to better channel them.

Once this step has been taken, we can begin to integrate mental preparation techniques and combine them little by little with physical work situations and then integrate them into practical situations related to the activity being worked on.

Here is a small video example of one of the Conscious Emotional Activation Techniques coupled with Breathing. English subtitles

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